What Is SureStart?

SureStart is a cereal crafted and produced by Organic Milling. In addition to being a great breakfast or snack, SureStart is uniquely formulated to help stabilize blood sugar levels and support healthy weight management. That's our goal!

How Does SureStart 'Work?'

There's no mystery to it. SureStart is simply a great cereal that contains no artificial ingredients and is crafted to provide more protein, more fiber, and less sugar than high-glycemic cereals. SureStart represents a balance of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) that work synergistically for sustained energy release throughout the day. We encourage you to explore the nutritional panels (available on the flavors page). As always, we recommend consulting your doctor or nutritionist. 


Our goal was to create a cereal to help stabilize blood sugar levels and support healthy weight management – we did so with the diabetic and pre-diabetic community in mind. According to extensive third-party research, when combined with exercise, high-fiber, high-protein, low-sugar foods can be helpful. Of course, individual results vary. We encourage you to study how SureStart stacks up, try it for yourself, and consult your doctor or nutritionist.

can anyone try SURESTART?

You bet! Although we made SureStart with the diabetic and pre-diabetic community in mind, there's nothing that limits its benefits to any particular person. SureStart is simply a wholesome cereal, with no artificial ingredients, and more protein, more fiber, and less sugar than high-glycemic cereals. In fact, SureStart is a favorite around our headquarters.

All SureStart cereals contain nothing artificial. Each flavor has a slightly different recipe (Vanilla Almond contains almonds, for example). You can view the individual flavors' ingredient panels on the flavors page.

What's in SureStart?

What are the benefits of a high-fiber cereal?

The American Diabetes Association recommends consuming 25 - 30g of fiber per day. They list whole grain cereal as a good source of fiber and recommend trying cereals with 3g of fiber per serving or more. At 9 - 10g of fiber per serving, SureStart far exceeds this standard. With a balance of soluble and insoluble fiber, SureStart helps to keep you feeling full longer as well as slowing the rate of digestion, delaying the release of sugar into the bloodstream.

Who Makes SureStart?

Organic Milling, an innovative cereal and snack company in San Dimas, California, makes SureStart. If you buy the cereal, that's where it's coming from! Organic Milling was founded in 1960, based on a single wholesome granola recipe, and we haven't stopped working since. Organic Milling is now an industry-leading producer and supplier of cereal (and snacks), with a commitment to developing products that make a difference.

Currently, the easiest way to try SureStart is to buy it at goodgrains.com. Good Grains is a leader in online, wholesome cereal sales. They offer both one-time and subscription purchases (subscribers save 5%) and free shipping for orders over $25. SureStart is also available in Kmart stores. Sign up for our email newsletter to stay tuned.

How DO I TRy SureStart?